UdA was founded in 1992 in Turin by Valter Camagna, Massimiliano Camoletto and Andrea Marcante.

UdA’s projects have been described by the critics as an example of an ultra-sophisticated architecture with a specific concern for sensory perception, materials, light and surfaces.

Sophistication as a result of the complex relationship between man and his surroundings.

This thematic which is closely correlated with the interest for cross-influence from other forms of creative expression and visual communication, brought UdA to conceive  projects  as a transformation of the Cartesian Space concept into its emotional and sensorial analogy of “territory” and “landscape”.

Pursuing this common thread, many of  UdA’s projects won awards and appreciations, motivating the studio to follow a path of an Architecture reconnecting emotion and reason to a renewed humankind consciousness.

Nowadays, research and theory are juxtaposed to the studio’s professional activity through lectures, workshops and academic courses.

UdA’s projects have been published in the major international architecture and interior design magazines.

All UdA project can be found at this link