• Milan
  • 2013
  • Photo by Max Zambelli
  • Showroom
  • 250 s.q. m.

Zagliani presents an exclusive bespoke Atelier service located in the via Durini headquarters in Milan. Conceived as a one-to-one dialogue between the maison and its customers, the Atelier emphasizes and highlights the unique values of the brand.
As a symbol of Italian excellence and ‘Made in Italy’, Zagliani radiates a distinctive ‘Made in Milano’ flair: the city, with its modernism, speed and upbeat understatement is an integral part of the identity of the brand. Incidentally, the Zagliani headquarters are housed in a glorious 17th Century palazzo in the central via Durini.
The Zagliani Atelier is a poly-sensorial journey on a quest for one’s individuality. The slow ceremony of choosing what really suits personal tastes replaces the impersonal speed of buying. The Atelier represents a private moment in which Zagliani reveals its values and knowledge of the client who, in her turn, is welcomed as the sole protagonist in a space as intimate as a sitting room.
The city’s noise and speed are left behind. The moment of pure self-gratification starts at the entrance, in the internal courtyard of the palazzo, continues on the elegant staircase, along the cocooning corridor, and ends in the light-flooded room of the Atelier. The frescoes on the walls and ceilings, together with the baroque stuccos, create an exciting yet subtle contrast to the mid-century modern furniture: glass cabinets, fabric-upholstered sofas and poufs and linear tables. Sober Milanese elegance of the International Style variety – soft hues and a taste for refined conviviality – sets the stage for an unforgettably personal experience.