• Turin
  • 2015
  • Photo by Luisa Porta
  • Apartment
  • 90 s.q. m.

Typical 18th Century residential building in a central bourgeois neighborhood in the historical downtown Turin, developed under the reign of Vittorio Emanuele II.
To the future owner, the apartment, located on the third and last floor of the building (at that time usually used as servants’ rooms or for low cost rent) immediately looked very authentic and attractive. She chose it among various options in the area with the aim of creating a cozy Parisian style penthouse to move into with her partner.
After lengthy, detailed and extensive work to demolish all inner partitions, intermediate vaults and under-roofing structure, the resulting double-height volume was entirely re-studied and carefully reconfigured according to the needs of the young clients who continuously monitored the work as it progressed.