• Turin
  • 2013
  • Photo by Max Zambelli
  • Apartment
  • 220 s.q. m.

The project is part of the conversion and total renovation of an imposing Lictorian-style building in the renowned Via Roma. Located at one of the two important corners of Piazza CLN, opposite a wonderful monumental sculptural fountain, the building was an original part of the majestic project commissioned by the dictator Mussolini and coordinated by the famous official architect Marcello Piacentini. He was commissioned to help create the main street of the new modernist town, named Via Roma, which was officially opened on 20th October 1938 in the heart of the existing city.
The 220 m² apartment on the third floor facing Via Roma, was handed over to architect Massimiliano Camoletto by the new owner while still in a demolished state.