• Milano Design Week
  • 2019
  • Rug collection

“Space is an organism formed by the mutual and constant relationship between three fundamental elements: emptiness, fullness and the human or rather the observer’s presence. The emptiness is what we use of the space. It acquires form, dimension and meaning as it is shaped by the solid elements that separate it from the exterior. Without the container separating the interior emptiness of a glass from its exterior, nothing would prevent poured water from spilling out. The very same principle may be applied to any kind of space, whether created by nature or by human intervention. The space of a valley owes its form to the mountains that surround it, that of a lagoon to the strips of land that embrace it.”

– Arch. Veronica Vignati


This project explores the physical and perceptive boundaries of the barely tangible substance, generated by the spontaneous aggregation of millions of sand grains or billions of water molecules. The uneven surface of a desert dune, perennially shaped by the wind, or a water mirror, constantly unsettled by the currents, inspired this collection of rugs and free-standing units set in an ephemeral and mutable context, designed up to the limits of stability and consistency.