• Turin
  • 2014
  • Photo by Luisa Porta
  • Triplex Penthouse
  • 830 s.q. m.

Restoration work on an early 19th century industrial building originally used as a main warehouse. The loft space covers an area of  460 sqm with an additional 370 sqm terrace. The existing structure is made of stone and brickwork (19th century portion) and reinforced concrete (20th century portion). Slabs Unplastered reinforced concrete. Internal partitions of brickwork and grey glass laminated with white film. Fixed fastenings and doors are made of birch plywood, laminated with anodized aluminum.
White lacquered MDF was used for additional sliding doors and the kitchen, both designed to measure. A metal framework mezzanine comes with untreated phenolic birch plywood flooring. The floor in the living area is made of wax-finish cement, while  industrial Wengé and marble floorboards were selected for the bedroom area. The outer floor and coating  surfaces are made of untreated Ipé-wood staves fitted on a stainless steel framework. External walls and flower boxes are in untiled reinforced concrete.